In the world of consultancy firms, being able to provide the best suited consultants to customers is key to winning large projects. But as the business grows keeping track of the consultants and their vast experience and competence becomes a key challenge.


One of Sweden’s leading consultancy firms saw these challenges and decided to use AI to help their managers provide every customer project with consultants matching the requirements perfectly.

Tenfifty was brought on-board the project at an early stage to provide AI and text analysis expertise from start to finish and we also built an API for interaction between the customer’s CMS and the new CV search backend.

Data sources

All in all, there was a few thousand CVs in multiple languages available at project start.


Document similarity, document vectorization, search based on “fuzzy” parsing of files, categorization, etc.


Other than the relief of work burden when replacing their old buggy system the customer now have happier managers with access to a more modern tool to work with and a simplified workflow with powerful features that make everyday tasks easier.


Anders Bjurström