By now you’ve probably heard a lot about all the fantastic opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring across industries and of course you would like to stay ahead of the game. But what does AI really mean to you and your company and how do you even get started?

Relax, it is not hard, as long as you have the right approach.

At Tenfifty we have, per November 2018, had the pleasure of starting, implementing and delivering over 70 successful AI projects for our customers. Throughout the years we have learned that some approaches are way more successful than others when it comes to how to get started with AI within any organization.

You need to prepare by gathering representatives with genuine business understanding and start exploring your particular process challenges. Where could AI be used to solve real problems by optimizing, automating and predicting operations to bring more value?

As a next step, you connect the business representatives with your data experts to explore how the internal and external data can be used and integrated.

Finally, it is time to bring in internal resources or an external partner with real and proven knowledge of data science and machine learning and conduct a workshop to find the lowest hanging fruit. This AI member of the AI project should be able to tell which challenges can be solved and estimate time needed and the chance of success (i.e. understand the difference between bleeding edge and leading edge).

The output from a workshop should be a list of possible cases to start with, a prioritization scheme and measurable business benefits.

You are now ready for the rest of your AI journey. Plan for how you will evaluate your first results and how you will make use of positive results in practice.

Remember – it is not a success until you’re in production!

If you would like to get acquainted with Tenfifty’s knowledge and experience from hundreds of completed workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Anders Bjurström