Python programmer with AI/ML interest wanted

For our hand-picked development team, we are looking for an experienced developer with professional Python experience and machine learning interest. You will help develop pilots, projects and services for our customers, hosted on Linux using Kubernetes and Google Cloud. The majority of these projects are related to artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or data science, while some are related to web crawling. You will be working with other highly skilled Python programmers and machine learning experts.

You can take on and finish tasks with a large degree of independence. As we are still a small growing company, you need to have a broad technical competence and be flexible about your projects.

You make us extra happy if you have data science experience, a strong AI/ML background and/or statistical knowledge.

You have experience with Python 3, Linux and Git.

It is preferable that you speak Swedish and live in the Gothenburg region, but if you impress us in other areas, we are flexible.

Send applications to Anders Bjurström,

About Tenfifty

Tenfifty is a specialist company with many years of cutting edge machine learning competence and experience. We deliver custom built services within AI, data science and crawling, with customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and England.

In a field where many talk dreams and visions, we have extensive experience in delivering concrete solutions, based on true and tried technology, as well as the latest research.