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We deliver custom built subscription services using AI, data science and crawling. Whether you have text in any language, voice, image or just numeric data, we have deployed solutions into production for two decades.

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Why Tenfifty?

Your dreams, delivered today

When you want to optimize and automate your business, Tenfifty is your experienced data science partner. AI and machine learning projects can be slow and expensive to implement. Tenfifty makes machine learning, AI and data science more accessible, faster, and more efficient.

Our cases

Take off from a solid platform

Tenfifty are more than consultants. To take AI and machine learning projects from pilot to production
requires a skill set that traditional consultants rarely possess. We offer a software platform that leverages
decades of experience, enabling us to quickly implement custom solutions for your business.
Our subscription-based service model means less risk and more freedom.
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Don't trust dreamers?
Industry leading experts

The buzz around AI is new, but Tenfifty are not. Our team have been at the forefront for 20 years. You'll rely on true and tried methods combined with the latest cutting edge research from the field.

Is the time right for AI?
Concrete solutions

Beyond the hype of magical thinking computers, innovative companies have actually used AI for decades. With Tenfifty, you'll get real and mature solutions, proven to be successful and profitable.

When will it pay off?
Start winning today

We want you to get value right from the start. Together we will build a business-case to identify low-hanging fruits for your business. The time for your AI revolution is now. The risk is in delaying.

Not sure where to start?
Clear guidance

Tenfifty have developed a solid process to get you on the right path. Enjoy clear guidance through a tailored action plan. You will know how to act at every stage from start to finish and beyond.

Advice from strangers?
We'll walk in your shoes

Your business is unique. To deliver the best solution for you, we need to learn how it is to be you. We always start with a workshop where you give us a primer on your business and domain expertise. What are your opportunities?

What are your opportunities?
Your data. Your goals

There's no one size fits all solution. To grasp your business and data, and identify opportunities, we hold a series of workshops. A good AI solution always delivers value to your business.

Daunted by change?
Supporting your team

We will always help you manage the project even after it's delivered. If you want to improve internal skills and knowledge, Tenfifty also offer workshops and mentorship to inspire your specialists.

What does success look like?
Assess results easily

Our subscription-based service model ensures that we continuously strive to deliver improved results to your business. We put a lot of effort into sharing results with you in a pedagogic and reliable manner.

Unleash the potential of your data

Optimize, automate and predict on all kinds of data. 
Tenfifty work with your team and your data to help you produce the transformative
business results that you want to see. We regularly build new custom services for our customers
within AI, data science and crawling.
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Expand your business opportunities in new lucrative markets by providing your customers with Tenfifty’s industry leading platform.

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